You purchase gift cards at face value through Cathedral School. The school earns a rebate that is between 2% to 20% of the value of the card, depending on the retailer. These cards look and work the same way as any other gift cards that you purchase at retailers. If you don’t use the entire amount on the card, a balance will remain to be used at a later date.

You will notice that there are local and nationwide retailers listed. Nationwide retailers’ cards such as Walmart, Arby’s, Subway etc. can be used at any Walmart, Arby’s, Subway store, including Crookston. Local retailers include Cofe, M&H Gas, Happy Joe’s, the Irishman’s Shanty, and Wonderful Life Foods.

If you have any questions or if you own a business and would like to participate please call the school office

For a List of retailers, visit

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