KinderStars: PreK 4-5 Year Olds

Dear Families,

The early years of childhood are the most formative ones. In fact, these years are shown to lay the foundation for all that is to come. That is why Cathedral School believes in creating intentional space to ignite the littlest hearts and minds with a love for God and learning. With a holistic and developmentally appropriate Pre-K curriculum, KinderStars focuses on nurturing the whole children in mind, body, and spirit. Our program prepares children academically, spiritually, emotionally, socially, and physically for the rigors of kindergarten.

At the heart of all we do at Cathedral is the mission to educate and energize children to impact their world for Jesus Christ, out of love for God and one another. As you consider the value of a Christian high quality PreK program, consider these scriptures:

If our program fits the needs and desires you have for your child, please contact the Cathedral School office for more information. You may also make arrangements to meet with me personally and schedule a tour of our school and the KinderStars classroom.

In Christ,

Mrs. Halos

Preschool/KinderStars Teacher

** ATTN New Families: You are welcome to scroll through the following pictures and read through my introduction letter at the end.


Dear Families,

Hello! I am Mary Jo Halos and I am the early childhood teacher at Cathedral School. The Cathedral Preschool/KinderStars classroom is a great place for your child to learn and grow with engaging learning centers and developmentally appropriate toys, books, games, and religious education curriculum.  I pray that Preschool and KinderStars will be full of discovery and happy experiences for you and your child.

Just a little about myself:  I have been a teacher for 30 years, having taught children birth through sixth grade.  Most of my years teaching have been in early childhood and family education. Preschool is my favorite age to teach!  This coming year will be my fifth year teaching Preschool and KinderStars at Cathedral School. I feel so blessed to be teaching at this amazing school!

My family is the joy of my life and a true gift from God!  My husband of 29 years is Brian Halos.  He is a retired Crookston Firefighter and recently took a position as the Executive Director of the Crookston Care and Share Homeless Shelter. We have three children:  Christian is 28 and he teaches 3rd grade in Beijing, China and is also pursuing his Masters Degree in Education; Ben is 22 and he is a Senior at UMC; and Kathryn is 19 and she is a freshman at UMC. Our family enjoys spending time together and finding new ways of sharing life experiences even when we are apart. Things we love doing together are traveling, playing with our dogs, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors. Our son Christian got married to Esther Gao in 2019 and were were blessed to have her join our family. Christian and Esther are expecting their first child June 2021 and we eagerly await her birth. I am excited to be a grandma and see the next stages of our family life unfold. 

I pray that your family has a very memorable and fulfilling experience at Cathedral School as we grow in the love of our Lord and gain important academic and life skills! I am excited to teach your child and be part of your family’s early education experience. 

Many Blessings,

Mrs. Halos