5th Grade

Judy Schoeneberger
I would like to welcome you to 5th Grade. I am looking forward to a very fun year with all of my students!

One rule I like to emphasize in my classroom is Respect. Respect for all students, teachers, staff, and self! Come and be prepared to learn, to work, to belong, and to believe that God is in the midst of all we do here at Cathedral School.

I am excited to work with your children this year!! We will be learning many new things. Some concepts will be easy and some will be challenging. I have an old saying that goes, “A JOB WORTH DOING, IS WORTH DOING WELL!” Students will all be encouraged to make the effort to always do their best work and Be the Best They Can Be!

We have lots of things to learn, places to go, and people to meet!! We will work hard, but also have time for fun! Put on your thinking hats and “let the 5th Grade adventure begin…”

Helpful Websites for 5th Grade