6th Grade

Kayla Smith



I am Kayla Smith. I have been teaching at Cathedral School since 2019 school year. I absolutely love getting to help students grow and blossom throughout the school year. The biggest blessing getting to share Christ’s love with my students on a daily basis. Through reading and writing, games, real-world technology skills, and hands-on projects students are able to learn and dive in deeper. One of my favorite parts of the year in ELA is doing novel studies with my class. Novel studies can make even the most reluctant reader fall in love with a wonderful book!

I live in Crookston with my husband and our two dogs. I love getting to be outside taking in the beauty of God’s creation, whether it be simply walking the dogs or going on a long secluded hike. I also really enjoy a variety of crafts, crocheting, embroidery, and different projects using my Cricut.

If you ever have questions or concerns please reach out! I am excited to partner with you in your child’s education!


Mrs. Smith